Products & Portfolio

Our products and services include but not limited to Designing and Fitting , Computer Hardware Sales , Computer Software sales and development, Customised Training , Security Systems, E-Learning and eLearning technologies.

Products and portifolio description

 1. Our Designing and Fitting World

  Computer Lab Designing

  Floor Tiling

  Carpentry

  Metal Fabrication

  Burglar ceiling, windows and doors

  Electrical Wiring

  Networking

  Windows Blinds

We design and have designed internal structures that include floor tiling designs, computer lab structures, theatre structures, carpentry works, metal frames, electrical circuits, electrification, networking design and networking for Government, City Council, Private organisations and individuals. We believe in designs and works that stay the test of time. For that reason we pride ourselves as being pioneers in the manipulation of I.T to design and implement works that are way ahead of market and Government set standards.

2. Our Computer Hardware Sales World

  Desktops and Desktops Parts

  Laptops and Laptops Parts

  Printers

  Scanners

  Projectors

  Electrical Projector Boards (Motorised)

  Networking Hardware

  Learning aids (Surround sound systems, interactive boards, Notepads, Headphones etc.)

  Hardware user training and support

  Servicing, repairs and maintenance of all of the above

  Computer Consumables

  Our pledge and position on provision of computer hardware and accessories is that we service, maintain and provide repairs to all hardware that we supply. Where it is not possible to do so, we will refer our clients to reputable service providers.

3. Our Computer Software World

  Operating Systems:-Windows (All versions), Linux, Mac

  Microsoft Office :-(All versions)

  Antivirus :-(Various)

  Educational Software

  Research Encyclopaedia

  Brain games

  Educational games

  Template programs

   LMS

We have partnered and or sourced Software coders, writers, suppliers and distributors that we consider to be having credible standards based on their works, reputations and profiles. We also have in-house produced works that are customised where there is a need to deviate from orthodox.

4. Our Customised Training World

Courses include Sandcircle MCI certified programs and other credible examining and training boards

  Customised organisation Programs using computer based applications

  Introduction courses in various Hardware and Software

  Intermediate courses in various Hardware and Software

  Advanced courses in various Hardware and Software

  Need-based Computerised Accounting Training

Our Facilitators and Facilitator Evaluators are drawn from various private organisations and educational institutes. We only interact with trainers with traceable profile and experience.


5. Our Company Management Processes and Systems World

  Registration of organisations/companies with various regulatory bodies

  Business Management Counselling (Strategic Planning)

  Management Consultancy (Statutory Returns, Public Relations)

  Human Capital Policies and Procedures Documentation

  Accounting Packages

We are guided by the various Statutory Acts including Companies Act, Labour Relations Act and other regulating Acts that we conform to. We are advised by qualified Legal personnel and Financial experts. For this reason, we are always geared to respond to various institutional needs on call.

6. Our Security Systems World

   IT based Security Hardware and Software

   Access control and clocking in systems

   Provision of training, backup and maintenance of security hardware and systems

Our IT Security team comprises of Technicians in IT Security (Coders and Ethical Hackers). Their works includes systems testing, data integrity management and recovery. Hardware tracing and recovery is part of this world. We have mounted enough resources to establish CCTV Control Rooms. To that effect, we are geared towards including Government and Local Government departments’ partnerships in the future.

7. Our E-Learning World

  ELearning Portals

  Online learning portals design, hosting and publishing. 

  Website designing and Elearning development platforms. 

  Educational and Private organisations’ Training platforms.


Our E-Learning World comprises of E-Library for Private organisations (ELPo) and E-Library for Education (ELEd). The ELPo caters for Companies, NGOs and individuals whilst the ELEd caters for Primary Schools (Infant and Junior Levels), Secondary Schools (Ordinary and Advanced Levels) and Higher Education (Colleges and Universities).

Our computer based Learning Programs in Education include Training the Education Managers (TtEM), Training the Trainer (TtT) and Training the Learner (TtL). These are derived from state approved Education Curriculums. All of them are interactive and need based. Designer applications offered have varied versions and are updated and fortified periodically to keep in line with prevailing trends and needs.

E-Library Books

Our library includes all approved Publishers’ from Zimsec list. Subjects covered are as per updated Zimsec materials available also from their Website. We have links also from contributors and other public consumption domains. Cambridge material and link are also in the E-Library Books.

E-Classes-Static and Interactive

The greatest advantage in E-Classes is that learning takes place everywhere where a learner can access information via the internet and applications on mobile gadgets, laptops and or desktops. 

   It is an upgrade of distance education and can be used at any and all levels. It therefore offers an integration of the traditional and distance education from Primary Schooling through Secondary School up to Higher Education.

  Our E-Classes offer multilateral interactive education relationships especially in Primary and Secondary Schools where the Teacher is able to interact with Learners as well as communicate with the Parents (or Learners Guide). 

  The E-Library ensure that Learners have all learning resources available as a support base for E-Classes. The Interactive E-Classes include Lecture presentations, videos, audios, publications and books, all available in real time. Static E-Classes also offer “delayed-response” basic lecture, cooperative or collaborative learning in small groups, discussions and brainstorming, through usage of the basic of Smart gadgets. 

Our Education Board ensures that Learners can also consult with highly qualified specialists, who conduct classes in line with Zimsec as a regulating authority in Education. It is common knowledge therefore that our E-Classes are a multilateral database for Teachers/Facilitators, Learners and Parents (where relevant).

Our Clientele World

These are some of our clients that we have provided our consultancy to on varying services and product lines that we offer including computer hardware and software.



Masotsha High School

All Government Schools

Magwegwe High School

Inyanda High School

Emakhandeni High School

St Bernards High School

Pumula High School

Mzilikazi High School

St Columbus High School

Hamilton High School

Milton High School

Luveve High School

Amhlophe High School

Lobengula High School

EMakhandeni High School

Mganwini High School

Mncumbatha High School

Mandwandwe High School

Sikhulile High School

Entumbane High School

Montrose High School

Cowdray Park High School



Robert Tredgold Primary School

Inkanyezi Primary School

Inzwananzi Primary School

Fusi Primary School

Mazwi Primary School

Barham Green Primary School

Sihlengeni Primary School

Losikeyi Primary School

EMakhandeni Primary School

Mzilikazi Primary School

Hugh Beadle Primary School

Rangemore Primary School

Mbuyazwe Primary School

Emsizini Primary School

Mhali Primary School

Amaswazi Primary School

Khumalo Primary School



Local Government Schools

Dumezweni Primary School

Ngwalongwalo Primary School

Godlwayo Primary School

Mawaba Primary School


Fairview Primary School

Private Schools

Maranatha Primary School

Maranatha High School

Tennyson Hlabangana High School

Mguza SDA Primary School

Percy Ibbotson Primary School

Thembiso Primary School

Sir Humphrey Gibbs Special School

Simanyene Special School

St Francis Primary School

Mtshabezi High School

SOS Primary School


Bulawayo Central District Education Offices

District Education Offices

Imbizo District Education Offices

Khami District Education Offices

Mzilikazi District Education Offices

Reigate District Education Offices



Bulawayo Provincial Offices

Provincial Education Offices




Private Organisations

Calderwood, Bryce Hendrie and Partners

Law Firm

INNSCOR-Bulawayo Head Office

Fast foods Administration

Afdaal Investments

Money Lending Company

Medsup and Laboratory Supplies

Weather stations and Laboratory Suppliers

Michview Enterprises

Livestock Dealer

Millenium Marketing

Medical and Hospital Suppliers

Brethren In Christ Church-Lobengula



Brethren In Christ Church- Head Office Treasury

Church Administrators

Safesec Security Services

Security Company

Highway Security

Zimcare Trust -Sir Humphrey Gibbs Training Centre

                        -Sibantubanye Special School


Non-Governmental Organisations

Jairos Jiri Association

Focus Development Trust

Young Men’s Christian Association Bulawayo Branch

Young Men’s Christian Association Head Office

Elgibo Travel Agency

Travel and Tourism Company

School of Mines


MAGENTS ( Magwegwe North Self-Sustaining Society)

Burial Society

Reliable Designs

Graphics Designing organisation

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